Art Tours of Australia is the home of award winning tour guide, Anna Dakin. Anna has spent a number of years perfecting guiding Larapinta Trail hikes, and is especially fond of taking people up Mt Sonder (Rwetyepme).

“Hiking at night is a really unusual experience – you can’t really tell how far you’ve walked until the sun comes up,” Anna say’s of the 16km return hike to Mt Sonder summit, “watching the sun rise over the desert has to be one of the most rewarding experiences in Central Australia. You can literally see the sun coming up on one side of the mountain, and the shadow of the mountain on the other!”

If you’re interested in spending a night camping out under the stars, and waking up EARLY to complete the challenging hike to the top of the mountain with Anna, reach out to Anna at or call (+61) 0477223011. She can pick you up in Alice Springs, cook you a nice campfire dinner, and guide a hike in the dark to the top of the mountain.

The return hike to the bottom of the mountain is just as rewarding, as you get your first views of the landscape that you already walked through on your way up the mountain!

The hike includes about 750m of incline, which Anna takes at a nice steady pace. The top of the mountain can be quite cold in the winter, although winter is the best time to complete this hike. We run Mt Sonder hikes between March – November, avoiding walking in the very hottest months.