Art Tours of Australia

Art Tours of Australia was started by Anna Dakin, who wanted to bring artists and art lovers into the outdoors. Her passion for facilitating creative experiences in the landscape, and learning about the flora, fauna, and geology, naturally grew into a deep respect for Aboriginal culture, and art. 

The trips we run today have a focus on either having your own creative making experience outdoors – for example learning how to paint in a beautiful remote place, or experiencing Aboriginal Culture and art up close. Most of our trips involve a bit of both. Often the more you look at the landscapes, the more you learn about the importance of Aboriginal culture, and how it has shaped the environment. 

Whether it’s making your own art or visiting Aboriginal art centres, we are the people for you. 

View of a Troopy 4WD from behind
A blonde woman wearing green tour guide clothes stands with her hands on her hips on a flat clay surface

Anna Dakin

Anna Dakin is an artist and tour guide based in Alice Springs. She moved to Central Australia to start leading expeditions after finishing her Masters Degree at the Royal College of Art in London. 

Anna has been guiding tours in Central Australia since 2018, and making en-plein-air paintings here since 2014. She spent three years training as a painter in London, before expanding her creative practice, and leading expeditions for artists in the UK, Europe, and now Australia.  

Anna was awarded Top Tour Guide in the Northern Territory in 2022, and won silver at the Australian Top Tourism Awards for her guiding work. 


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